New Ball Winder :-)

My mom gave me a ball winder for Christmas, and being the knitting nerd that I am I literally had dreams of making center pulled balls for days. I've had a swift for a couple years, and it has made me appreciate yarn so much more. I love going through the process of unwinding the hank and feeling the yarn through my fingers as I watch the ball growing bigger and bigger. I feel like I'm getting to know the yarn before we embark on the long journey of making whatever we're going to make. 


With my new Wool Winder, this process is so much faster and more exciting! Knitting with center pull balls is much much easier. I didn't realize the difference it made until I tried it. And I love the way the yarn looks in center pull balls. If you're working with ombre yarn, knitting with it in a center pull ball allows you to see all the different color changes. This way you can get excited about what is coming next! 


Maybe that's just me because I get way too excited about my yarn changing colors, but it's fun right!? Last night I wound Lion Brand's Amazing yarn and it was so gorgeous I had to take a picture. I'm knitting a linen stitch cowl with it  for my book Introduction to Knitting - pictures coming soon!