Simple Socks

For some reason I've been terrified of making socks. I was so scared of those tiny little needles and super thin yarn. I imagined myself working hours and hours on the same sock only to make it grow by an inch or two every day. Then I would finally finish one and be so resentful at it that it would take me another six months at least to start on the other one...

So I ruled socks out of my knitting repertoire and vowed that I would never use needles smaller than a size 6. Except… about three years ago now I asked my dad what he wanted me to knit him for Christmas and he asked for socks. Knowing my dad, I couldn't imagine him wearing any other type of knitwear besides socks, so I knew that eventually making a pair was inevitable.

Well, I've put it off for three years now, and my poor dad has gotten a ball of yarn as a "promise of socks" for the past three Christmases. Well this year is the year! I've finally made him socks!

I found a pattern on the PurlBee that was perfect for me. It called for size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn. For socks!! I was beyond ecstatic. The color changing kept me interested, and the socks were done in just a few days. Here's the website the free pattern is at: 

This pair is actually for my boyfriend's dad. They are made to fit a size 13 shoe.