Colorful Linen Stitch Scarf

Linen stitch has been all the rage lately. It's been blowing up my Pinterest feed, I've seen it on various blogs, and it's featured in knitting stores. I fell in love with linen stitch because it looks so different from any other stitch I've seen. It doesn't even look like knitting! It also has a completely different texture that feels more like, well… linen! 

Linen projects look good in all different yarns. I love the projects that are all different shades of one color! It looks great when you alternate a few colors throughout, too. I decided to make my scarf a stash buster. The scarf is for my boyfriend's mom - and she loves colors - so it was perfect!

Even though I'm using size 11 needles the project is going pretty slowly because of all the slip stitches, but here's a picture of my progress!