Bahh Bahh Sheep Pillow

There were a few weeks this year when I became obsessed with knitting stuffed animals. It all started when I saw Whit's Knits: Knit Octopus ( on the PurlBee. I usually knit more pragmatic things like garments and accessories, but the pattern was so cute I had to try. After making my octopus I was hooked on stuffed animals. I loved their little features, the soft and squishy stuffing, and the life-like details you add to make them come alive. 

My friend Kate saw a picture of my octopus and asked for a stuffed animal for Christmas. I wanted to try another pattern so I did some more digging on the PurlBee. I quickly fell in love with Laura's Loop: Sheep Pillow (, and I knew she would love it, too. 

I followed the pattern pretty closely save for a few exceptions: 

  • I made four legs instead of two because I thought I might as well make it 3-d since the rest of it was
  • Instead of a garter stitch tail I picked up stitches and continued in the bobble pattern that the body was worked in. This made my tail look a little more fluffy and life-like. The garter stitch tail just wasn't right for my gauge

I've had the sheep in my bed for some time now and it is literally the most comfortable neck pillow I've ever had! It's perfect for reading in bed or watching movies. 

Kate is studying abroad in Ecuador, and I'm sending the sheep off today! I hope she loves it as much as I do!