Nicole Twisted Turban Headband

My mom really wanted me to make her a knit headband, but all the pictures that she was sending me were those ones with the huge flowers on it that are suuuper tacky. No way was I going to make one of those. Still, I thought that a knit headband was a good idea, and I knew I could make a really cute one. 

I love the look of those turban-like hats that are so in style right now, so I made the headband in the same style. The Nicole Twisted Turban was SO easy to knit up - you can definitely do it in one sitting! It is knit flat, the majority of it is ribbed with just one cable in the front, and the ends are grafted together using Kitchener Stitch. 

I love the pattern because it can be worked with so many different types of yarn and is flattering on literally everyone. I've had so much fun experimenting with different weights of yarn and mixing colors. I think my favorite variation so far is holding a solid red color together with an ombre yarn in a slightly lighter weight that ranges in color from grey to reddish to green to blue. 

Before I made this headband I used to only wear hats in the winter - which aren't particularly flattering on me. But now I 100% prefer the Nicole Twisted Turban Headband because

  • It's just wayy more flattering on me
  • I can wear it with my hair up or down or in a braid
  • It's such a quick knit that I have one in just about every color
  • The pattern doesn't require that much yarn so it's a great stash buster!

To get the pattern go to, and to buy a finished headband in a color of your choosing follow this link

Here's a picture of my favorite one so far