Fortnight Hat

Tis the season for knitting like a maniac. It seems like every spare minute I have I've spent knitting. Good thing I love it! In the last two days I've knit three of these hats, so I can definitely vouch for this pattern! 


I set out to knit just one hat for my boyfriend's brother, but the first hat I knit came out way too small, and the second hat came out way to big. Good thing I have a big family… haha. Finally, on the third attempt I found the right gauge - holding two worsted weight strands together - and knitting it in a size L. 


I love this pattern because of the flattering shape, the easy to knit garter stitch, and the cute detail. I love the option of casting on with a different color! I can't believe I've never thought of that before! I will say that the shape comes out a little wonky when you first finish, but after blocking the shape is perfect. The hats took me an average of five hours or so to knit, and I'm a pretty fast knitter. 

The pattern is a Brooklyn Tweed original! Find the pattern at