Stitchin and Bitchin

Nothing makes me happier than talking, drinking hot chocolate, and of course - knitting with my friends. As much fun as it is to cozy up in bed with your project and a good TV show, knitting is done best with friends. 

When I first started knitting, the first book that I read was Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'n Bitch. The book inspired me to start my own knitting club at my college, which - in honor of Debbie - I named Stitch 'n Bitch.

The club is now going 3 years strong and is the highlight of every week for me. My friend Clara, a co-founder of the club, made this poster for us three years ago, and it is still my favorite thing in the world. Hey, knitting is sexy. Katy Perry knows it - the world should know it, too. 

Katy Perry Meow.jpg