Cabin Blanket

This blanket has been the bane of my existence for the last two years... but I've picked up the needles again and am determined to finish it before Christmas. I mean, I only have two squares left! Oh yeah... then I have to sew them all together and weave in those pesky ends. I've never sewn my knitting before - does anyone have any suggestions for how I should do it? 

I started this blanket when I first started knitting. I was on my first big knitting kick - determined that I could knit anything no matter how big. The pattern is quite easy (available free with a login at - called Mitered Square Blanket) and consists of a bunch of different mitered squares. I think I knit about 3/4 of the square in the first couple weeks, and then set it aside until now.

I promised my mom this blanket for my cabin for Christmas... two years ago... so I think it's time that I bite the bullet and make those last squares!